First posted 29/04/2013

There has probably never been such an administrative disaster in the UK’s Political History Publicly showing Discrimination against the Poorest in Society and the Rich .Smith the Fascist openly asking the Rich pensioners to return their Benefits if they feel they don’t need them .The Poorest have no choice whatsoever they are reduced (Bedroom Tax) or deducted at source by a Draconian implemented  system ill thought out.

All the Top Politicians that have Policy Ideas then have them contracted out because they haven’t a brain between them have cost this Country Billions in failed projects .Universal Credit is drastically over budget but we must continue paying the contractors or it falls down .Gullible incompetent and so quick to spend other people’s money that’s why the Country is in a mess not Welfare Benefits .

Cameron you have lost control the sooner you and your ilk go the better .


Labour’s Shadow Secretary Rachel Reeves was critical of ID Smith and the Reform saying that “Universal Credit is costing an astonishing £161,905 per person. The Government's ambitious Welfare Reform Strategy is at risk affecting Universal Credit because of the speed and depth of the cuts imposed on Iain Duncan Smith's DWP, according to a leaked internal review. The document reveals that the DWP is struggling to meet "extremely challenging" demands for over £1bn of efficiency savings over the next two years and these pressures could disrupt plans to roll out benefits reforms.

So is this yet another shambles considering UC was to be rolled out fully by Oct 2013 .The in- fighting between Osborne and Smith is similar to that of Brown and Blair both fighting in opposite directions and nothing getting done – conflicting ego’s . The Department of Work and Pensions own statistics published 9th July 2012 show that in total, between January 2011 and November 2011 10,600 claimants died within 6 weeks their claim ending. Please sign the Petition for more accountability from MP’S. If you sign you want to make change if you do not things will get worse because they have been accepted .     



First Posted 05/11/2012                                                                                                                                                Achievements of the last two successive Governments  ,Minimum Wage ,the start of the Atos and Unum fiasco’s ,Workfare ,Welfare Reform ,Liverpool Care Pathway ,Bedroom Tax ,Benefit Sanctions ,Dismantling of NHS ,hand in glove with Murdoch’s Empire Illegal Wars ,MP’s Expense Scandals ,Riots on our streets ,moving towards a Politically Controlled Police Force ,Relocating Lower Class Citizens ,the Erosion of Democracy .We may think they are incompetent but behind that incompetence is a hidden agenda that is taking place right under our noses today .Like Hitler they use stealth .None of them can lie in bed straight .ID Smith has too much power for one man he will run with the foxes and the hounds to achieve his goal ,he studied Fascism in Italy ,visited American with Iraq war diehards , (he was an arms dealer many years ago)recently visited them again to brag about how successful his Welfare Reforms are working .

Well there is one thing to be said they have certainly kept to their Agenda ,but at what cost  people ask ,the Publics of course Politicians reply .The Rot needs curing before it sets in ,we could try at least .Please sign the Petition for more accountability from MP’S.




 SOCIAL CLEANSING - Social Cleansing is the Removal of what can be considered "undesirable" social elements, such as Criminals ,Working Class ,Benefit Claimants and the Homeless.

Cameron's attack on Benefits have forced thousands of Poorer People to move to Outer London or beyond . Property prices have an Annual rise of 18% in London no doubt a manipulated Market.

The combination of benefit “Reforms” have forced Poorer People, including Pensioners who have worked all their lives, Hard Working unskilled people, the Disabled and the Ill to move . Life changing disruptions against people are sure to have dire consequences .Unsettled Pensioners and those with Medical or Psychiatric conditions are bound to have their treatment disrupted causing further distress .

Cameron’s ‘Bigger Society ‘ involves having an Elitist Population of the Biggest Money Laundering Capital in the World .We the Population are skint because most of the Monetary Transactions are Under the Table .HSBC was formed in 1991 as a ‘Holding Company’ just one of many .

Thousands of Public Lives are at Risk through Stressful related conditions because of these Draconian Measures inflicting Poverty ,Insecure Working Conditions ,Tory Upheaval of the NHS ,Benefit Sanctions and the total uncertainty of where this Regime is going because all we are fed is Deceitful Lies whilst everything is done underhand.

But to Cameron this is a worthwhile Price to Pay for his ‘Bigger Society ‘ because once again it is us that are paying .Please sign the Petition if you agree Politicians need bringing to Book Hopefully it’s a start in the right direction .

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Sorry if your head is stuck up your posterior again but probably that's the only place you can be heard .Pleased we have given you space to air your opinion

15.04 | 14:27

What a load of crap!

08.04 | 18:54

I totally agree Roger but they think they are a Law unto their own

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She is a common theif.... prosecute her.

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